In other phrases, if you’ve obtained greater viewing angles, then your camera will seize more. This is kind of important outdoors, as a camera with a wide viewing angle will see more of what’s going on.

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By the time of Apollo, Hasselblad and NASA were working hand-in-hand to provide the 500EL, suited to lengthy-duration flight and the vagaries of the lunar environment. The producer constructed a excessive-capacity movie holder, while Eastman Kodak invented a thinner film emulsion — a mixture that resulted in getting hundreds of shots out of a single magazine. When NASA obtained a take a look at Schirra’s Hasselblad, they favored what they saw. Engineers tore into the off-the-shelf client mannequin to make it space-worthy.

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They stripped it down to avoid wasting weight and painted it boring black to scale back reflections. They additionally had to “astronaut-proof it,” says Cole Rise, a photographer and filmmaker who builds custom reproductions of the Hasselblad house cameras. Viewing angles are described in degrees, with greater numbers taking in a wider area of view.

So, the astronauts have been instructed to pack the uncovered movie but depart behind the Hasselblads. On later missions that concerned longer romps on the floor, there was more time for pictures, and every astronauts carried his own camera. Even so, NASA had such problem telling one identically suited astronaut from another that a red stripe was added to the commander’s go well with at the arms, legs and helmet to help distinguish the pair.

Do you want the images and videos to be obtainable even when your utility is uninstalled? Check out the Saving Media Files section to see how to implement these choices. As a result, they imposed strict weight-limits on what the astronauts might take residence. Moon rocks, it turns out, are more useful than cameras.