Good Quality Marijuana Cultivation for Treatment

Marijuana or cannabis is an interesting and amazing plant. He has many health benefits as is widely spread in the media about the Medical Cannabis. It’s very safe and environmentally friendly. However, there are differences between cannabis plants that grow and are handled well and there are also cannabis plants that grow a little and are not handled properly.

Planting marijuana does not require expensive equipment and the method is very simple. Healthy soil, self-made compost, and some organic nutrients are enough to boost the growth of cannabis plants to the fullest with high-quality cannabis.

Imagine you open a closed bag filled with marijuana, you open it and breathe deeply into the aroma in the bag, it smells sweet like blueberry bread.

The smell remains sticky on your nose for a while even though you have not inhaled the smell of marijuana. The flowers are perfectly formed and the texture is bubbly like blackberries. The surface is full of resin glands, seen with visible white milk to mocha chocolate. The drink is dry perfectly so as to produce the aroma and taste that is typical of the type of marijuana. That is the example of high-quality marijuana that grows perfectly.

Many advantages if you cultivate premium marijuana. In addition to its simple way, it also requires care and desire to get good quality, accuracy, patience, technique, knowledge, and experience. The beginning of getting good marijuana results is by cultivating marijuana with good genetics. But, if you can’t get marijuana with good genetics, even cannabis seeds can produce good results through a good planting process and cultivation to get good quality, of course. You can get the best Medical Cannabis Canada at

Then why aren’t all marijuana as described above? Simply put, because some people use improper techniques or their perseverance and care is not enough to grow cannabis which is even better quality.

Often, commercial farmers do not separate male gender from their fields. This provides many problems for the final quality of marijuana because cannabis containing seeds will reduce the amount of final product, potential quality, and taste. Also, if their plants are not properly nourished or not given nutrition at all.

And often their plants are not trimmed properly, or even never trimmed at all. Basically, the quality of cannabis is not good because they do not care for their plants properly. They give less love to their plants, and finally, their plants suffer from it.

Often people harvest marijuana too early. This is normal. I understand why they do it because they are very enthusiastic and eager to taste the results of their hands.

Unfortunately, this really affects the final quality. His distinctive taste won’t smell perfect and his potential will decrease. Also, they don’t dry their marijuana completely, this can cause the fungus to grow in marijuana and if it is smoked it will cause respiratory problems. The same thing happens when marijuana is attacked by insects.

This happens in indoor and outdoor cultivation, but often this happens in outdoor cultivation. As a result, farmers will feel forced to spray their cannabis plants with insecticides. Although there are insecticides that are safer than chemical ones, this makes it less safe to consume. Some people use insect repellent spray on their final product. Marijuana that is attacked by insects, contains fungi, and has been sprayed with insect repellent, is not suitable for consumption, whether smoked or eaten.

So, the conclusion, not good marijuana planting techniques, plus poor handling and drying will create low quality marijuana. What should smell like pine trees or blueberries will be replaced by the smell of ammonia which will create a feeling of discomfort in the throat and lungs, as well as dizziness? So, even though it doesn’t need expensive equipment and the method is theoretically simple, but the reality is not as easy as just storing seeds in the soil and harvesting high quality, even though the seeds were originally premium seeds.

Attention, love, and high dedication must be given to them, as well as good and true cultivation techniques. If farmers cannot control themselves, lack of patience, do not give maximum attention, love, and dedication to the cannabis plants they plant, ultimately the results will not be perfect.