Foods And Drinks You Should Avoid When a Toothache

If you experience a toothache due to cavities, the best solution is to seek treatment immediately with your dentist. So that you can be given medication and you can buy medicine at a pharmacy or Online Pharmacy if you can’t stand it if you have to go to the pharmacy or queue at the pharmacy. And you can take care or avoid foods and drinks that can aggravate your toothache as I will explain below.

A toothache is a pain around the teeth or jaw. Tooth pain depends on the severity of the teeth. The pain usually occurs continuously throughout the day or comes and goes away at any time. A toothache comes when the pulp is inflamed. The pulp is part of the tooth which is the innermost layer consisting of blood vessels and sensitive nerves.

A toothache usually appears at night when lying down to sleep. Food and drinks can also cause a toothache to appear or get a toothache worse. Here are foods and drinks that you should avoid when you have a toothache.

  1. Hot food and drinks

When you get a toothache, eating food and beverages in hot conditions can worsen pain. It’s best to wait for the food to cool before eating it. Consume food-drinks at normal temperatures so as not to react to the problematic teeth.

  1. Cold food and drinks

Foods like ice cream abstinence during a toothache. Cold food and drinks can aggravate your toothache. For those of you who are sick due to trauma to the teeth, you can compress the outside of your teeth or cheeks with cold water. Cold compresses can reduce pain.

  1. Sweet food

Consumption of sweet foods must be careful. Remains of unclean sweet drinks speed up the growth of bacteria that damage the tooth layer. Likewise, when you get a toothache, foods such as cakes, chocolate, and sweets are “forbidden” for dental sufferers. A toothache will get worse. Food or sweet drinks can also cause the gums to swell.

  1. Acidic drinks

When you get a toothache, consumption of acidic foods and drinks must be completely reduced or even stopped. If even forced, the use of straws can reduce the risk of getting sick. You have to get rid of foods and drinks first such as yogurt, soda, and orange drinks. The drinks can erode the tooth enamel continuously.

  1. Hard food

Hard textured foods should be avoided when a toothache. Hard eating will only worsen damage, especially cracked or hollow teeth. Conversely, when you are a toothache it is advisable to eat soft foods. Food for hard foods such as meat, chips, and pastries.