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The leading edge of an advancing warmer air mass, the passage of which commonly brings cloud and precipitation followed by increasing temperature and/or humidity. The leading edge of an advancing colder air mass. Its passage is often marked by cloud and precipitation, followed by a drop in temperature and/or humidity. This image exhibits the different scales on which snow can happen. The giant snow band extending across the figure is related to a big storm system shifting throughout the country.

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Snow and light drizzle each produce radar reflectivity with about the same value. Melting snow and moderate rain also have comparable values. Very excessive reflectivity’s (the greys on the scale on the picture above) are at all times related to hail.

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The location of the collared radar echoes point out where precipitation is falling and the various colours point out the depth of the precipitation via the colour code in the decrease left nook of the picture. The example radar image above shows several robust thunderstorms moving through Illinois and Indiana on April 20, 1996. Regions of sunshine and dark blue indicate regions of lighter precipitation whereas areas of purple and pink point out sturdy, to sometimes extreme thunderstorms. Full resolution information, but recorded with an on-board tape recorder for subsequent transmission during a station overpass.

Tornadoes are often situated on the heart of a hook-shaped echo on the southwest side of thunderstorms. The hook is best observed in the reflectivity area. This image exhibits a reflectivity area containing a number of hook echoes related to thunderstorms that occurred in Tennessee and Kentucky on May 18, 1995. Normally, it is difficult to differentiate precipitation sort on the basis of the radar reflectivity alone.

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This picture exhibits the reflectivity field from the eye wall of Hurricane Andrew. The symmetry proven on this picture indicates that Andrew was a very well developed hurricane. The ring of orange are the high reflectivities related to the convection discovered in the eye wall.