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Thu, 01 Aug 2013 12:35:26 GMT

- Netflix Makes Recommendations More Personalized By Adding Individual User ... - TechCrunch -

Netflix Makes Recommendations More Personalized By Adding Individual User ...
Just a few weeks after sharing my Netflix account with the girlfriend, things started to get weird. Random movies began to appear in my personalized recommendations. Documentaries about exceptional people overtook the carefully curated selection of dark ...
Netflix launches user profiles for individual recommendationsCNNMoney
Netflix, maker of Profiles, unveils Profiles the sequelCNET
Netflix adds personalized profiles to streaming serviceUSA TODAY
ABC News -Bloomberg -GigaOM
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- iPad Mini 2 'to feature Retina display' - -

iPad Mini 2 'to feature Retina display'
Apple is rumoured to be working with suppliers in Asia – including Samsung, Sharp and LG – to develop the device and ensure an adequate supply of screens, unnamed sources told the Wall Street Journal. A Retina display would bring the new iPad Mini in ...
Apple Ramping Up For New Retina iPad MiniTechCrunch
Apple's Next iPad Mini Will Likely Have 'Retina' Display From SamsungWall Street Journal
Apple's next iPad mini may have 'retina' display from Samsung: WSJLivemint
PC Magazine -CNET -Computerworld (blog)
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- Using the Masses to Improve Apps - New York Times (blog) -

Headlines & Global News

Using the Masses to Improve Apps
New York Times (blog)
Crowds are a hit. Millions of people, connected by the Internet, are now contributing ideas and information to projects big and small. Crowdsourcing, as it is called, is helping to solve tricky problems and providing localized information. And with the right mobile ...
Google redesigns Zagat site, releases iOS and Android appsCNET (blog)
Google rolls out new Zagat app for Android and iOS along with revamped websiteDigital Trends
Fun Facts About a Dating App With a ConscienceHuffington Post

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- Usain Bolt of volcanoes: Molten monster tears into 35km of crust in 8 WEEKS - Register -


Usain Bolt of volcanoes: Molten monster tears into 35km of crust in 8 WEEKS
Liquid hot magma from the Earth's mantle can shoot up to the surface via a "highway from hell" over just a few weeks, volcanologists have discovered. Boffins studying the Irazú stratovolcano in Costa Rica, and specifically its eruption between 1963 and 1965, ...
'Highway from hell' fueled Costa Rican volcano, study findsScience Recorder
'Highway from Hell' Fed Deadly
Some Volcano Eruptions Fueled By Fast-Rising MagmaInternational Business Times
Discovery News -Phys.Org
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- Facebook Introduces Embeddable Posts - Mashable -


Facebook Introduces Embeddable Posts
In an effort to inject Facebook into more public conversations, the company on Wednesday introduced embeddable posts that will let blogs and news organizations include status updates, videos and photos in stories. The posts work in the same way as ...
Embedding Facebook posts to soon be a reality, feature in testing stageBusiness Today
Facebook fights for real-time relevance with embedded postsCNET
Facebook posts coming to the wider WebPCWorld
PC Magazine -Fox News
all 78 news articles »

- dinosaurs had 'flight-ready' brains - BBC News -

BBC News

dinosaurs had 'flight-ready' brains
BBC News
Several ancient dinosaurs evolved the brainpower needed for flight long before they could take to the skies, scientists say. Non-avian dinosaurs were found to have "bird brains", larger than that of Archaeopteryx, a 150 million-year-old bird-like dinosaur.
Why the bird brain is actually a dinosaur brainChristian Science Monitor
Dinosaurs developed bird brains before they could
Dinosaurs were wired for flight, thanks to bigger brainsLos Angeles Times
RedOrbit -Science Recorder -Nature World News
all 21 news articles »

- Lumosity shows what success is for an iOS app - CNET -

Lumosity shows what success is for an iOS app
The brain training iPhone app is the No.1 Apple App Store education app in nearly 40 countries, and is getting an iPad version to go along with it. Dan Farber. by Dan Farber. August 1, 2013 5:10 AM PDT. Follow @dbfarber. Lumosity updated its iPhone app ...
Apple update to tackle charger hack attackBBC News
Researchers reveal how to hack an iPhone in 60 secondsZDNet (blog)
Boffins: We have FOOLED APPLE with malware appRegister
Reuters -Ars Technica -Apple Insider
all 82 news articles »

- Zynga sues Bang With Friends over trademark infringement - Times of India -

Times of India

Zynga sues Bang With Friends over trademark infringement
Times of India
WELLINGTON: Social game service Zynga has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Facebook's casual sex app Bang With Friends (BWF) for infringing its trademark of 'with friends' family of games. According to, the complaint says that BWF developers ...

and more »

- Google Chromecast Explained : An In-Depth Look - -


Google Chromecast Explained : An In-Depth Look
Google Chromecast was unveiled at the end of last month and ever since it's launch it's been receiving glowing reviews across the technology world. But what exactly is Chromecast , why is it so good and what are its limitations ?
How To Set Up Google ChromecastTom's Guide
What Google's Chromecast Means to BusinessWired
Chromecast dongle as limited as Apple TV but far cheaperStabley Times
Fresno Bee -Pentagon Post -Variety
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- Samsung Galaxy Phones Edge iPhones In Consumer Satisfaction - InformationWeek -

BBC News

Samsung Galaxy Phones Edge iPhones In Consumer Satisfaction
The Samsung Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II, both from 2012, beat the Apple iPhone 5, 4S and 4 in the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). The ACSI study looked at how satisfied consumers are with 10 of the best-selling smartphones from last ...
Report: Galaxy S 4 Explosion Burns Hong Kong HomePC Magazine
Samsung Smartphones Edge Apple's iPhones In Customer Satisfaction SurveyForbes
Samsung Galaxy S4 reportedly destroys man's apartment in 'explosion'Inquirer
IBNLive -Computerworld (blog) -Economic Times
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